Collection: The Spiritual Way of Life of Adidam

Student-practitioners of the Reality-Way of Adidam live in many countries around the world. The practice of Adidam includes several formal levels of practice to accommodate people with varying degrees of commitment and capacity. A small number of devotees live at one of the Adidam hermitages or sanctuaries around the world and practice at a more intensive level.

Practitioners of Adidam engage a form of daily devotional activities and right-life disciplines in addition to their everyday life. These practices were established by Avatar Adi Da and have continued after his lifetime. Daily activities include meditation, sacramental worship, study of Avatar Adi Da’s teachings, conscious exercise, and a healthy, generally raw vegan diet. Devotees also enjoy periodic contemplative retreats, often at one of the Adidam sanctuaries. In addition, all devotees provide some form of volunteer service to one of the non-profit organizations associated with Adidam.