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Relinquish the Mummery of This World (DVD)

Relinquish the Mummery of This World (DVD)

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Relinquish the Mummery of This World (DVD)
The Avataric Discourse Study Series

This DVD is from the first occasion in many years in which Avatar Adi Da spoke directly to a gathering of His devotees in California. Questions from devotees about intimate, familial, and social issues are met with Avatar Adi Da's Compassion and Humor, as well as His Liberating Wisdom.


From considering the "seed theme" of His Mummery Book, to describing His mindless and Indivisible State, Avatar Adi Da weaves a masterful tapestry of Instruction and Blessing. He Calls for and Transmits the most profound understanding possible of human life and sacred practice.
Those who have watched the DVD were deeply heart-moved by it and encourage you to not let the opportunity to see and share it with others slip by!

Chapter listing:

Part 1
When a devotee asks about “true Yogic intimacy”, Avatar Adi Da points to the true issue at hand: that she had to presume the position of the ego in order to ask Him a question. He Addresses that fundamental fault with pristine Blessing-Instruction.
1. What Does True Yogic Intimacy Look Like?
2. The Real Question Is the Questioner
3. You Are Merely the Witness
4. The Two Birds in the Tree
5. A Singleness That Is Perfect

Part 2
A devotee from the “First Room” Sacred Theatre Guild of Adidam asks about an exercise the guild has engaged in order to discover the “seed” of Avatar Adi Da’s Mummery Book. Avatar Adi Da humorously expounds on this effort—and returns to this “theme” throughout the evening of Discourse.
1. Looking for the “Seed”
2. I Am the Seed of The Mummery Book

Part 3
An Indian devotee asks about what he feels to be conflicting obligations to family and sacred practice. Avatar Adi Da “Considers” what is at the root of this perceived problem, admonishing that people must answer for their own choices, in the context of understanding their intention and purpose in life. The world is a chaos of perceived purposes, He says—and He Offers the opportunity of coming to rest in the Freedom of relationship to Him.
1. You Cannot Fulfill All the Expectations of Others
2. The Collective Human Theatre
3. Only Profound Practice Undoes Bondage

Part 4
Avatar Adi Da addresses a question from an African-American devotee about how she can practice with issues that are unique to her racial and cultural background. He again emphasizes that people need to be clear about the purpose of their lives, in order to choose how they want to live and what actions they might need to engage. And He invites her and everyone to the Freedom of Divine Realization, which is without “identity” of any kind.
1. Choose the Purpose of Your Life
2. You Do Not Have to Be a Mummer

Part 5
Avatar Adi Da speaks about the core practice of turning to Him, in the midst of the living of “right life”.
1. The Steadiness of Turning to Me
2. Fall in the Heart of Communion with Me

Part 6
Avatar Adi Da Expresses the Freedom of His mindless State, which is the True Nature of everyone. He Calls all to the practice in relationship to Him for the sake of Realizing the “Bright”, and Outshining the world in that Perfect Enlightenment.
1. No One Is Thinking These Words
2. The Room Beyond Perception
3. Establishment in the True Heart
4. Silent Blessing-Regard