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The Sacred Space Of Finding Me

The Sacred Space Of Finding Me

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The Cultural Disciplines Practiced In The Sacred Domain of The Divine Reality-Way of Adidam.

“Only a sacred culture gives human beings the potential to live a life ecstatically dedicated to existence in Truth. The Divine Instructions in this book are the means Given by His Holy Person, Da , to exist in the domain of sacred culture. They are the means that enable His devotees to find Him as the Divine Eternal Source of Reality Itself and to participate in the Sacred. "

—from the introduction by Ruchiradama Quandra Sukhapur, senior renunciate devotee

 This comprehensive and definitive sixteen-part “manual” covers all the cultural practices for devotees in the Reality-Way of Adidam. It is drawn from Avatar Adi Da’s most up-to-date Wisdom. The sampling below is the briefest overview from 540 pages of His Instruction and includes selections from the book. (All direct quotes from Adi Da Samraj are marked in blue.)

In Part 1, The Way Is Turning To Me On Sight, you will learn about Darshan(sacred devotional sighting of Adi Da Samraj in His Bodily Form) and Murtis(representational Images of Avatar Adi Da, which most commonly are photographs of His bodily, human, Divine Form). Includes the reading entitled, “The Sighting of My Form Will Always Be The Primary Context of Devotion To Me”.

Part 2, You Must Meditate on Me—I Am Always Already Meditating You, explains how “You become what you meditate on”. Includes the section entitled “I Offer You A Relationship, Not A Technique”.

Part 3, Simply To Invoke Me By Name Is The Most Basic Form of The Conscious Process, gives all of Adi Da’s formal names and titles, each of which is an acknowledgement, an invocation, and a means of communion (or sympathetic vibratory synchronization of the total body-mind) with His Divine Pattern. And Part 8, Mala Japa, describes the esoteric practice of how to mark each name invocation with a bead on a mala (or rosary). "The Mala Itself Is A Sacred Design (or Yantra). It Is (Like The Circle Of the body-mind-complex) A Miniaturized (or Microcosmic) Representation Of The Great Cosmic Mandala. It Is The Circuit Of Circumambulation, Whereby conditionally Manifested beings and forms Rotate Ceaselessly Around Me."

Part 5, The Sacramental Forms of Communion With Me, is primarily about the puja ceremony and teaches the basic practicalities as well as the principles of this form of bodily-active worship. “The more there is of such ecstatic formalities and the less there is of the collective formalities of the ordinary, anti-ecstatic ‘world’, the more you will feel free to be ecstatic.”

Part 6, on Devotional Chanting, clarifies that true devotional chant is not merely a “sing-along”, it is a practice that transcends the mind. “True devotional chant Invokes Me and turns to Me, and stays steady in that turning to Me.”

Part 7, about The Sacrament of Universal Sacrifice, explains that offering a gift upon entering the communion hall (the place of worship or meditation) is not just a symbol. "You Conform Yourself To My ‘Bright’ Divine State By Offering Me Gifts of Practice and Service, and By Searchlessly Beholding Me.”

The Devotional Prayer of Changes, Part 9, is a practice of manifesting positive changes in life and the world, by means of devotional communion with Adi Da Samraj. In addition to extensive instruction about this essential practice, you can also learn how to distinguish egoless prayer from ego-based prayer.

In Part 10, Study (and Listen To) My Word, Adi Da describes how He has initiated an eternal conversation with all His devotees with His written and spoken word. Special sections include guidance on studying The Aletheon, The Dawn Horse Testament, and Avatar Adi Da’s other primary source-texts.

In Part 11, Behold My Image-Art, you can learn the process of freely participating in images that Adi Da has made, a process of forgetting “self”, feeling beyond spatial and temporal “point of view”, and egolessly participating in that which is prior to “point of view”.

Part 12 is Tell (and Listen to) My Leelas. (A leela is a story about the Awakened Play of a Realized Adept, through which he or she Instructs and Liberates others and Blesses the world itself.) “I Am Always Present and Active . . . In (and Via, and As) The Form Of My Own Divine Story. . . .”

In Part 13, The Culture of Expectation and Inspiration, you can find out about “the principle of good company”, receiving “formal sacramental and instructional initiation”, and practicing “a happily disciplined order of daily living”. The principle of retreat is also explained and you can learn about “right participation in full formal retreats”.

In Part 14, Practice Consideration Groups, you can learn how to make formal use of the reflective capability of other practitioners. “ . . . human-Scale Sacred Culture Is The Necessary General Context Of The Transcending Of egoity In daily life—and Cooperation Is The Inherent Law Of Such True Sacred Culture.”

Part 15 is called The Life of Rightness With Me. Find out about the principles of vow, accountability, and sacred authority. “Invoke Me, feel Me, breathe Me, serve Me. That is what you do, as My devotee.”

In Part 16, My Gifts of Grace, you can read Avatar Adi Da’s poetic Scripture about His seven Gifts of Grace. “Beloved, I Am Adi Da—The First Person, The Original Person, The Giving Source-Person, The Divine Giver Of The Divine ‘All’ To all-and-All, The Eternal Full-Giver Of The Forever Giving Divine Avataric Gifts Of Word, and Sign, and Devotion, and Service, and Discipline, and Blessing, and Blessedness.”

The Sacred Space of Finding Me is part of a five-book series of core Instruction on the foundation practice established in the Second Congregation of Adidam. The first four books cover "radical" devotion and right life, while the final book, Notice This, is a depthful contemplation of "Perfect Knowledge".