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The Way Of Perfect Knowledge

The Way Of Perfect Knowledge

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The Way of Perfect Knowledge: The "Radical" Practice of Transcendental Spirituality in the Way of Adidam (The Perfect Knowledge" Series) Paperback – 30 Sept. 2006

Adi Da repeatedly states in this book that it is not possible to simply “work towards” the most perfect knowledge of Reality, God or Freedom, or, otherwise, merely declare It to be so. Many of us have seen this at work in our own case. He says that knowledge must be given, directly transmitted, from the Source. And before one can become fully available to his spiritual transmission, “radical” self-understanding must unlock the self-contracted body-mind, so his divine transmission can be truly felt at heart. Adi Da has described two fundamental root-practices that are the basis of this process. The first root-practice is devotional heart-communion with him. No matter what emotions, thoughts, obstructions of breath, or knots of the body arise, the practice is to simply grant whole bodily feeling-attention to Adi Da, rather than struggle with any of the contents of experience. Eventually, when devotional turning is established there is the constant, effortless capability of heart-Communion with him and reception of his spiritual transmission. The second root-practice, is what Adi Da Calls “the preliminary practice of ‘Perfect Knowledge’" Much of this final volume of the “Perfect Knowledge” Series is devoted to the exposition of these two fundamental root-practices—because it is through this uniquely given, twofold process in relationship with Adi Da Samraj that the Way of “Perfect Knowledge” is established and fulfilled.