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My Bright Word

My Bright Word

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In My "Bright" Word, Avatar Adi Da elucidates the fundamentals of "radical" self-understanding, these principles are the foundation of His Revelation of the Way of Adidam. These include: The basic principle of egoic existence, the search, which Avatar Adi Da later communicated in its simplest terms:

"You want to feel good because you feel bad. Therefore, you are seeking in order to feel good."

- Avatar Adi Da Samraj


The essential ego-fault and the means for overcoming it:

(1) Truth cannot be Realized by seeking for it. The seeking itself is the problem. When there is no seeking, Truth (or Reality) is Obvious.

(2) Freedom (or Divine Liberation) is not dependent on any objective entity or process. Freedom (or Divine Liberation) Is Always Already the Case.


The single logic of egoic life:

The logic (or process) of separation itself, of enclosure and immunity, informs every function of the living being, every experience, every act, every event.The Grace-Given process of Radical self-understanding:

(1) Observe your own self-contracting activity.

(2) Understand your own self-contracting activity.

(3) Transcend your own self-contracting activity.

My Bright Word is a Gift Avatar Adi Da has Given to all-for the purpose of Divine Liberation for those who choose It. In this book, Avatar Adi Da makes it possible for anyone to read the first formal Instruction Given by the Divine Heart-Master, the Very Incarnation of Truth Itself (or Reality Itself).