Collection: Deeper Consideration- Discourses on the nature of Reality

The greatest human potential cannot be realized by any form of self-effort because self is the very thing that must be undone. Adi Da Samraj offers the way beyond that paradox. His Way is not based on self-effort, but on turning to the one who can grant divine realization because of his divine state. Any practice of self-effort is a form of egoity, and thus only prolongs the suffering of self-contraction.

The Secret Yoga Revealed
This Guru-Yoga, this devotion to the Guru, this Realization by the Guru's Blessing, is the Great Esoteric Secret of the Great Tradition of humankind. The exact nature of What is Realized depends on the Master, depends on the Divine Nature of the Master, depends on the Siddhis (or Accomplishing Powers), the Realization, the Work, of the Master.
The Reality-Way of Adidam Intrinsically Transcends all of the first six stages of life, and Its Most Ultimate Realization is the only-by-Me Revealed and Given seventh stage of life.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj, March 29, 1994