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Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance

Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance

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Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance

Avatar Adi Da’s most up-to-date* Wisdom on The Reality-Way of Adidam’s functional, practical, relational, and cultural disciplines—all in one book.
•   Money and Service
•   Diet
•   Sexuality
•   Radical Healing
•   Conscious Exercise
•   Participating in a Cooperative Sacred Culture

This book (along with volumes two and three of the series) is Avatar Adi Da’s final summary Teaching on “right life”, Standing forever as a true guide to the practice Avatar Adi Da has Given.

Since this book contains Adi Da’s Wisdom and Instruction in so many of the right-life disciplines, it would be impossible to enumerate them all here. However, these sample sections and brief excerpts will give you a flavour:

Money and Service
"There Is Nothing Dark About money, in and of itself. You Can Make it Dark, By Keeping it To Your ego and Your egoic Purposes—but, If You Live Every Aspect Of Your life (Including money) As Devotion To Me, Then money (and everything Else In Your life) Becomes Full Of Light, By Being Conformed To Me. "

        Sections include:
        • True Service To Me
        • Money Must Become Associated With Light


"My Devotees Are Not Called By Me To Discipline the body-mind-“self” As A Form Of psycho-physical Negativity (or body-Denial), or As A Form Of utopian Search For Perfection In The Context Of conditionally Manifested Existence. "

-Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

        Sections include:
        • The Law and Lesson of “Fun”
        • Blended Green Drinks
        • There Is No “Salvation Through Diet”

Radical Healing
"If Disease Is Presumed To Be The “Problem”, Then “Cure” Is Presumed To Be The Only Possible Resolution Of Your Situation—and You May (Therefore) Tend To Become (Irresponsibly) Involved In The “doctor-patient Game”.

-Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

        Sections include:
        • A Truly Holistic Approach To Healing and Well-Being
        • A Systems-Based Approach To Health and Well-Being
        • Purification, Re-Balancing, and Regeneration
        • The Laying On of Hands
        • Yogic Conductivity Massage
        • Disease Is The Failure To Practice Right Life

Conscious Exercise

“Conscious Exercise” Naturally Re-Aligns and Integrates the physical body With the etheric body (or Energybody), With The Natural Life-Energy, and (As The Case May Be) With The Divine Transcendental Spiritual Energy That I Avatarically Self-Reveal and Self-Transmit. "

-Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

        Sections include:
        • Right Participation In The Condition of Light
        • Learn To Use The Entire Body-Mind-Complex Consciously
        • The Simultaneous Discipline of Body, Emotion, Mind, and Breath
        • Da Chi Gong
        • Turn To Me Within The Infinite Theatre of Existence

Cooperative Sacred Cultural Association

"The Discipline Of Cooperative Sacred Culture Is Not Right Life Merely As an ideal of behavior, or a “change of lifestyle”. Rather, The Discipline Of Cooperative Sacred Culture Is Right Life In The Sense That The Discipline “Incarnates” The Devotional (and, In Due Course, Transcendental Spiritual) Practice Of The Only-By-Me Revealed and Given “Radical” Reality-Way Of The Heart (or “Radical” Reality-Way Of Adidam). "

-Avatar Adi Da Samraj 

        Sections include:
        • Human-Scale Sacred Culture
        • The First Congregation Discipline of Cooperative Household Living
        • Step Out of The World of Common Mind and Endeavour

Right Life Is Free Participation In Unlimited Radiance is part of a five-book series of core Instruction on the foundation practice established in the Second Congregation of Adidam. The first four books cover "radical" devotion and right life, while the final book, Notice This, is a depthful contemplation of "Perfect Knowledge".